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Aquaponic Services

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PROJECT EVALUATION and Feasibility Assessment: The most important step on any project whether for home, commercial or mission. I take the time to listen carefully and understand the expectations and objectives, as well as the resources available to achieve them. I bring to the table a vast acumen of aquaculture & aquaponics experience, as well as decades of management experience of aquaculture projects. SUCCESS  is the main goal

CUSTOM DESIGNING: Commercial & Residential, optimization and tech support. Designs are based on goals and expectations, resources, space, weather, experience and knowledge. My designs are proven as well as simple, efficient, user & maintenance friendly. US & Intl.

AQUAPONIC TRAINING: I can travel to your site or you can join me at one of my scheduled sessions (US and abroad). I am bilingual, and I can provide training in English and Spanish languages - delivery and materials. 

AQUAPONIC TOURS & PRESENTATIONS:    I can coordinate guided visits to aquaponic projects in my home State of Florida - USA, excellent for individuals, home schools and special interest groups. I can also coordinate guided tours to some of my Aquaponic designs abroad. INTERNSHIP, GUEST SPEAKING APPEARANCES & SHADOW TRAINING ALSO AVAILABLE 

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