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About Jaime Guerra & Aquaponics for Communities

I am an Agricutural Engineer, and I have been involved in the aquaculture industry since 1980; my aquaculture - practical - field experience includes commercial production of ornamental species – Intensive Poly culture-, as well as tilapia production on aquaponics systems.  I have implemented and managed mission and commercial projects in the US, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Colombia. I have provided  Aquaponic training in all of the US as well as in the countries mentioned above.

In 2012, I funded Aquaponics For Communities, entity under which I currently provide Aquaponic Tech Support and Consulting Services in both English and Spanish languages.

I have designed Aquaponic projects for missions as well as private including restaurants in Costa Rica and Naples, Florida. Services include project evaluation and assessment, design, training, and optimization of existing designs.

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Custom Aquaponic Designs

On-site Training

Project Assessment  & Implementation

Group and Individial Training 

Presentations for groups 

Bilingual English & Spanish

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