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"helping people gain food independece through NATURAL, & CHEMICAL FREE Aquaponics"

Meet Jaime Guerra - founder of Aquaponics For Communities

-          Agricultural Engineer born in El Salvador, with 42 yrs of combined practical - field - experience in commercial Aquaculture production and Aquaponics

-          Aquaculture experience includes: commercial production of ornamental species – Intensive Poly culture-, as well as tilapia production on aquaponics systems.

-          Aquaponics Experience: Design, implementation, management, training, and tech support mission and commercial projects in the US, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.

La seguridad alimentaria es nuestra responsabilidad. Puedo guiarte para que participes  activamente en tu propia seguridad alimentaria y puedas producir tus propios alimentos de forma natural, libres de  quimicos y sin daño al medioambiente. Es tiempo de hacer algo para nuestro beneficio y el de las generaciones futuras.
Aquaponic on-Site Training, Custom Designing & Tech Support 

I place my 42 yrs of aquaculture and Aquaponics field field expertise to work for you in every design. I specialize in designing Aquaponic Food Production Systems that are uncomplicated, highly efficient, highly productive and management friendly. On-going tech support complements all of my designs. Success is the only goal. On location bi-lingual consulting services are available accross the continental US as well as International locations.

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